Best Credit Card Offers

• 1.99% introductory Annual Interest Rate* for 10 months on Cheque Cash Advances and Balance Transfers*
• Around-the-clock fraud protection

• 0% APR on purchases for the first 6 months
• Choose your credit limit from $300 to $2000

Cards For Bad Credit

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First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard® Secured Credit Card

Intro APR: N/A Intro Period: N/A Annual fee: $29

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Horizon Gold Card

Intro APR: N/A Intro Period: N/A Annual fee: N/A



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Credit Score

go free Instant access to your credit score
  • Get your Instant Credit Scores Free.
  • Monitors your credit profile.
  • Alerts you to changes.
  • 7-Day Trial.
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    Equifax better understanding, tracking and protecting your credit
  • Credit scores
  • Free FICO score
  • 3-bureau monitoring
  • 30 day trial.
  • Get Credit Report Now
    Identity Guard Personal Credit Protection
  • All 3 Credit scores
  • 3-bureau monitoring
  • 30-day Trial.
  • Get Credit Report Now


    Breaking Credit News...

    Breaking Credit News

    5 Important Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Credit Report and Scores Regularly

    When it comes to credit scores, many consumers try to keep their head in the sand. They’re afraid to know the truth, or they think it really doesn’t matter. But it does matter.... 

    Your Credit Score and Your Car Insurance Rates

    A person’s consumer credit rating effects many areas of his or her financial life. It generally determines a person’s credit worthiness and ability to fulfill a financial commitment. A consumer’s credit score also dictates the interest rates that will be paid on auto, home, and personal loans and is sometimes used in the application for employment process.... 

    An Improved Credit Score Can Make Erasing Credit Card Debt Easier

    There is little doubt that many Americans continue to struggle greatly when it comes to credit card debt but what they need to realize is that an improved credit score can make Read Full Story... 

    Credit counseling agency - Defends you from identity theft

    Are you struggling to make payments towards your credit bills? If yes, you can take help of credit counseling agency and get yourself out of this tight financial situation.... 

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Prepaid Credit Cards

    Using plastic to pay as you go is very convenient; you don't have to worry about carrying a lot of cash that might get misplaced or stolen. In fact, it is nearly impossible to function in society today if you don't have a credit card or debit card.... 

    Avoid Divorce - Deal With Credit Issues Before the Wedding

    Credit Cards & Divorce According to various studies, money is still the #1 cause of divorce in the United States. Other causes include stress, lack of communication and dishonesty.... 


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